Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Samsung Galaxy S (i9100) Smartphone: First Ever Gingerbread Phone Made by Samsung - - Expected to be Unveiled at MWC in Mid of February 2011

According to Chosun, Samsung is working on next-gen of its immensely popular Galaxy S Android smartphone. All is set to unveil the new device, with most probable model number i9100, at MWC in mid of February 2011.  

It is being whispered that the new Galaxy S (i9100) will feature a dual-core processor. Android 2.3 will almost certainly run the show – after all, the world’s first Gingerbread phone is made by Samsung.

With almost 10 million sales already the present Samsung Galaxy S (pictured above) is one of the best-selling Android smartphones ever. Will its successor be even more successful? Probably yes, especially since Android and smartphone sales in general are on the rise.

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