Friday, December 17, 2010

Luxury Xbox 360 Kinect: Glittering With 5,000 Genuine Swarovski Crystals - - Bejeweled Model With a Price Tag of $631.66

The Kinect Sensor provides you with a gaming experience you have never had before. The most exciting thing about the Kinect is its full body tracking capability. This revolutionary technology allows the sensor to recognize your body and mirror your movements in the game. It puts you in the centre of the game and all the fun. You are not just the controller of the game but you do become a part of the game. In fact you become the central character and the main player of the game.

The new Xbox 360 Kinect with Swarovski elements is a glittering piece of equipment as it is adorned with as many as 5,000 genuine Swarovski crystals. The other feature of the new Kinect is a color VGA Motion Camera with a 640×480 pixel resolution at 30 EPS. An array of four microphones supports the single speaker voice recognition. But what sets this Kinect apart is the revolutionary body recognition technology.

Kinect Dance is perhaps the most popular game and when played on this bejeweled model it could be the best substitute for actually visiting a disco. The Kinect sensor is compatible with every Xbox 360. The ornamental sensor has been priced at $631.66.

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