Friday, December 17, 2010

Hitachi Z5K500: Measures 7mm in Thickness With Gigantic Storage Capacity of 500GB

Z5K500, a new hard drive that measures 7mm in thickness launched by Hitachi; which manages to pack 500GB of storage on to the disk inside.

Hitachi Z5K500, the new drive is a 2.5 inch model and has a spin speed of 5400RPM. The disk is a single platter, which you'd expect on a device this thin.
The new drive, Hitachi Z5K500, has been designed to run in ultra portable CE devices as well as laptops and netbooks.

With its slim profile and high capacities, the Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 drive family delivers the best cost per gigabyte and gigabyte per cubic millimeter (GB/mm3) when compared to solid state drives (SSD), and 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch 9.5mm HDDs, offering a compelling value proposition for OEMs and system integrators. With the broadest line of 7,200 and 5,400 RPM 7mm drives now at their fingertips, Hitachi customers can differentiate product lines by utilizing space savings to produce thinner devices, add battery capacity, increase shock robustness, or improve internal airflow – all better uses of the volume in a system than shipping a partially "empty" 9.5mm 2.5-inch hard drive with only one disk.

So there you have it! Expect to see them showing up in small laptops and netbooks over the coming months.

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