Friday, December 17, 2010

Lacie Float Concept: External Hard Drive Plus External Trackpad - - A Concept Which Needs to Be Materialized

When you buy an external hard drive, there really aren’t a lot of extra features to consider. Generally you’re buying it for its ability to store files, so the only extras you’ll really find are the bundled backup software suites. But what if your external drive functioned as a secondary peripheral for your computer, such as a track pad. Would that make you more interested in purchasing one over the other?

This Lacie Float concept is an external hard drive that yes, is also a trackpad. I really have to say that such an idea really never crossed my mind. However, looking at the dimensions of the 2.5-inch SSD version, it does look like a fit. Granted, I still don’t see the point in an external trackpad, but that’s a user preference. Sadly, this USB 3.0-equipped hybrid device is only a concept at this point. Kudos to the designer for thinking outside the box.

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