Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eco-Awareness Expedition by Joseph Ascencao - - Amis to Cover 57000 Miles on His Bike With Solar Panel

Raising eco-awareness, setting a new words record and experiencing extreme adventure at one go is what put Joseph Ascencao on a bicycle to explore the world. This adventure fanatic has set off for the first bicycle trip around the world. After researching on the trip for about 9 months, Ascencao left for his mission from Providence, Rhode Island on August 13. So that he doesn’t have to do without all luxurious during his 4-5 years trip, Ascencao has fixed a solar panel to his bike in order to charge his electronics like cell phone and iPod while he is on the go.

Although Antarctica is not in the picture for his expedition, he is still affirmative to bike through Afghanistan and China. He expects to travel nearly 57,000 miles, encouraging people to take on greener means of transport and looks towards renewable energy sources. He is tracking his journey using a helmet camera.

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