Thursday, November 11, 2010

Logitech LBT-HP04 Series Bluetooth Earphones - - Three Light-weight Models LBT-MPHP04A, LBT-PCHP04, LBT-AVHP04A

Logitech have just unveiled a new line of earphones they have just added to their range the Logitech LBT-HP04 Series Bluetooth Earphones.

They are compatible with Bluetooth AVRCP profile allowing them to connect seamlessly with iOS devices.

The new earphones weigh just 13 grams and come in three different models:

- LBT-MPHP04A series for cell phones

- LBT-PCHP04 series for computers

- LBT-AVHP04A series for portable audio players.

All models are coming to stores in November and each set comes with its own recharging cradle and USB connection cable. Unfortunately there are no pricing details at the moment.

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