Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Solar Serpents in Paradise": Unique Eco-idea by Mans Tham - - Estimated to Generate Up to 150 GWH Yer Year

Mans Tham’s Solar Serpents in Paradise is such a brilliant idea it makes you wonder why no one had ever thought of it before. Tham has proposed covering L.A.‘s Santa Monica freeway in solar panels that could be used to shade cars and provide power.

Tham predicts that Solar Serpents in Paradise could generate up to 150 GWH per year. I personally love this idea and wouldn’t mind seeing it expanded to every California freeway. Check out Tham’s vision above and click below to see more solar-powered concepts and creations.

Mans Tham proposes cities like Los Angeles take a different road – covering the city’s freeways in solar panels. His "Solar Serpents in Paradise" idea would see 24km (15 miles) of LA's Santa Monica Freeway covered in solar panels – with an average width of 40m (131 ft), that adds up to an area of 960,000 m2 (10,333 Sq Ft), enough space for 600,000 domestic panels, which could generate 150 GWh per year.

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