Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sony NAS-Z200IR - - With Built-in iPod Dock, Internet radio, CD Player, DAB/FM/AM Tuner And Direct Music Streaming From Your PC via WiFi

Sony has unveiled their high end iPod dock to review, the Sony NAS-Z200DIR, which comes with a host of features that you don’t see on standard iPod docks, although those features do come at a premium.

The Sony NAS-Z200DIR has a built in iPod dock, Internet Radio, a CD player, a DAB/FM/AM Tuner, and also direct music streaming from your PC via WiFi.

Other features include a remote with a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD display that is used to navigate your way around the various menus, you can also see track information from your PC or iPod on the remote which is a cool feature.

The remote is definitely the coolest part of the NAS-Z200IR, and the interface is really well designed and easy to use.

Setting up the Sony NAS-Z200IR was a breeze, everything is done by the remote and it easily connected to my network and I was able to stream music from my PC straight away.

The sound quality is excellent, definitely better than some of the iPod docks we have tested previously, radio signal quality was excellent.

Overall the Sony NAS-Z200IR is an excellent iPod dock, with some great features like the CD player and the ability to stream music direct from your PC.

There is just one thing that lets the Sony NAS-Z200IR iPod Dock down, the price, personally I think it is a little high as it retails for £599 about $1,000, and compared to other iPod dock available I don’t think the extra feature justify the high price.

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