Monday, October 12, 2009

Cautious Steps Needed in War Against Obesity/Being Overweight - - Sugary Drinks Are Major Cause of This Dilema

In the war against the obesity, the scientists found a new enemy: the sugary drinks. A group of renowned studious and specialists in nutrition asked the federal government from the USA that applies a new tax on that type of refreshments, that, according to them, are big responsible for the overweight epidemic that the country lives. With the collected money it would be possible to finance a part of the reform of the health system. The industry, however, glimpsed a possible fall in the sales and it passed to the attack, reinforcing their lobbies in Washington and getting ready to avoid any increase in the prices, at all costs.

The proposal of rating drinks was made in the last month passed by a group of influential specialists of the universities of Yale and Harvard, in a controversial article published in “New England Journal of Medicine” .

The political price could be very high. In the USA there were some meetings in the Senate, but the measure was not accepted. In the middle of the debate on the reform of the health system and like it will be financed, the specialists’ group retook the cause. They criticize the sugary drinks for they be caloric bombs, replete of sugar. Besides, they explain, the consumers don’t know how to compensate the fact the amount of calories that they have drunk in oder to reducing other foods in the meals. A psychological separation exists between the liquid calories and the solid ones.

The proposed tax would increase the price of the sugary refreshments between 15 and 20% and it would generate an entrance of 10 billion euros a year for the government’s budget.

In that extent, New York became a pioneering city, that serves as model to the country. Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered that all of the restaurants that operate in public spaces to detail in their menus the amount of calories of each kind of beverage and food. The food industry, however, began a preventive attack to avoid that the politicians at least get to examine the proposal.

In spite of the setbacks, New York discovered the key to combat the obesity: to become aware against the excess of the gigantic portions, loaded of addictive susbstancies on the enormous drinks and potatoes that are sold by the fast food industry. It was necessary an obesity epidemic in the developed world so that scientists and nutritionists threw the fashion of the frugality in the hour of ingesting calories.

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