Saturday, October 10, 2009

HEPAV: The Eco-Friendly Velomobile Designed By Czech Inventor David Buchwaldek - - Aerodynamic Design That Looks Extremely Good in Water, As Well

It’s no fun driving around on boring roads with everyone else when you can have the calm lakes and wild seas all for yourself. Out on the water, solitude is all yours even if there are other boats around you. But it can be quite a drag when you’re driving around in your car and suddenly feel a liking for going out on the water.

Czech inventor David Buchwaldek knows how frustrating that can be so he went off and invented a velomobile that you can drive on steady roads right off into the waters of your choice. Titled HEPAV, the eco friendly velomobile cum kayak is electric powered and even has a steering wheel with hydraulic steering.

The velomobile has a tapered aerodynamic design and looks extremely good, unlike most velomobiles. It is completely enclosed so as to protect from all kinds of weather. Buchwaldek believes that the pedal powered HEPAV could be used for traveling to close lying islands and may even be used to cross the English channel. That may be slightly ambitious but someone should probably try it before we rule it out!

amphibian velomobile from Jan Jan on Vimeo.

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