Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Shelf" Designed by Chinese Designer Leon Zhu - - Sunshine Cover Solar Powers Your Car AC, Tail Light Etc.

It is called Shelf. And does not mean so literally. But it is a brainwave in favour of the environment. And a great design at that. Designed by Chinese designer Leon Zhu, it is a neat foldable sunshine cover that doubles as rear wing to improve the stability of the vehicle.

But its superb features do not stop there. Shelf harvests the power of the sun. You guessed it. It uses solar power to turn it into electricity, for the functioning of the car’s air-conditioner, tail light and other electronic equipment in the car. When it is not in use, it merely folds up to become a speed stabilizer for the car when it is moving at a high speed.

The design was an entry at Green Life design contest organized by Designboom in collaboration with Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea. Such a design innovation also helps protect the vehicle from the heat of summer while helping make technology greener. Talk about harnessing solar power while on the move! Wonder if something of this sort can be incorporated into the more eco-friendly electric cars too!

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