Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eco-friendly Keyboards Made By Bio-Degradable Material From Bamboo

If you are the computer geek kind who loves to discard plastic away and switch to something more friendly, and yet can’t do anything about those plastic boxes around, here is some good news.

The PC keyboard is now getting made from bamboo! The bio-degradable, eco-friendly material that is otherwise popular only with furniture, is well turning out to be a great bet in innovation. Made by Brando, this is a step in the direction of eco-friendly PCs. Its mouse may not be all that easy on our fingers, but the wooden keyboard is all inviting.

It not only gives that natural look around you, but also burdens you less with that guilt when you stare at your PC and wish it were less taxing on the environment. Imagine typing away furiously at those 106 keys with that complete feel good factor of being less harmful to the environment! It comes with a package – keyboard and mouse costing all of US $ 52, and individual, the keyboard costs $ 39 while the mouse could be bought at $ 19.

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