Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RAF Tornado GR4 Technology – Raptor- The Camera Pod - - Precise Detailed Photos From Miles Away

Aircrafts see new inclusions to its armory with each passing day. Besides artillery, surveillance and ways to garner best information possible of the enemy hideouts is what the engineers are working on steadily. In process, fighter jets are been fitted with a camera - a camera so special that the enables a pilot and the others to zoom onto enemy detail from miles in the air.

Embedded with the RAF Tornado GR4 technology – Raptor- the camera pod, just under two meters long, finds a place underneath the jets. Equipped with a dual-band sensor using both visible light and infrared, it makes possible to provide the best and most precise imagery both during day as well as night.

Dubbed as the most advanced reconnaissance sensors in the world today, the Raptor, fitted to a jet, has been flight tested to read time on the Big Ben while flying over the Isle of Wight. The pictures clicked by the Raptor are displayed in the cockpit and/or are transmitted via a live data-link system to image analysts at the ground station. The camera technology is surely a breakthrough for fighter pilots in Afghanistan, who’ll find it easier to find snipers now.

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