Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alfra Vico’s "Marino 52" Motor Yacht Designed by Barrett Prelogar And Franco Marino Cagnina - - Unique And Stylish For The Boating Lovers

Designed by Barrett Prelogar and Franco Marino Cagnina, the Alfra Vico’s Marino 52 motor yacht meets the needs of the most discerning individuals. The Marino 52 has been designed with all the comforts and amenities to live on board full time. Envisioned as ‘motion art’ of the highest echelon, the Marino 52 uses high-tech materials of lifelong quality and beauty throughout. When it comes to magnificence, the yacht leaves nothing unconsidered, from the cleats to the projectile anchor, to the convertible exterior lounge-sofas/daybeds, to the fully computer-controlled helm station. The yacht is spacious enough to entertain 15 to 18 people for the day in extreme extravagance. There are multiple staterooms, multiple heads and a spacious galley below deck.

The galley is concealed when underway, but when at rest, the concealment panels can be stowed to reveal a suite of high-end appliances, including highly polished stainless sink, microwave, refrigerators, ice maker, electric cooktop, BBQ grill and trash compactor. The Marino 52 offers a completely concealed yet versatile system for configuration of tables, bars, lounge seating and sunbathing. Alfra Vico has also invented new patent-pending electronic control systems, mechanizations, cleats and other imperative functional elements.

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