Friday, September 9, 2011

Microsoft OS Windows 8 Will Reduce Boot Time to 8 Seconds -- Watch Live Demo

Its way early to say something about the features of Microsoft’s new edition of Windows i.e. Windows 8; as it is scheduled to be released in 2012 but the latest post on Microsoft’s blog shows a significantly improved boot time in the next iteration of the Windows Operating System.

Microsoft OS Windows 8 Will Reduce Boot Time to 8 Seconds
It sounds really fresh to see that Microsoft is dedicating to minimize long boot times, which is one of the most infuriating aspects of computing for many users.

Very soon just about 8 seconds you will need from the moment the machine is turned on until it’s fully booted, which would really be a huge progress over most machines running earlier versions of Windows today. 

Even with Windows 8 the boot time will differ for different machines depending upon the hardware of the machines. Systems with a lot of RAM and an SSD instead of a HDD will help out extremely. 

Wondering how exactly Microsoft’s engineers did it? Microsoft has provided a very detailed breakdown of this achievement. In short, it’s a hybrid between traditional cold boot and resuming from hibernate. 

Watch video of the live demo below:

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