Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam - - Enjoy Underwater Video Shooting Being Within Your Budget

It’s pretty easy to record video footage these days. Almost every phone can do it, and since most people aren’t more than a few feet from their cell at any time, you can bet that there’s always a camera around. However, if you want to shoot some video underwater, you’ll have a little more difficulty. After all, the worst thing you can do to a camera is drop it in water (well, a blender might be a little worse). For these times, you might consider the Vivitar 690HD Pocket Cam.

This rather boring-looking 720p camera would fall into the realm of “ordinary” if not for its amphibious nature. All you’ll need is an SD card (it only comes with a paltry 8MB of internal memory) and you’ll be ready to venture into the depths of the sea (or at least the pond out back). What’s really interesting is that you will only have to spend $60 on this gadget. If you’re wanting to shoot underwater without spending a lot of cash, I’d say this is the way to go.

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