Thursday, August 11, 2011

smartCAM by Denis Kalinin - - Fish-shaped Point and Shoot Camera

When you really think about it, the way that 99.9% of cameras are designed invites an awkwardness of use. It isn’t until you consider concepts like the smartCAM by Denis Kalinin that you really become aware that there may be a better way to take pictures.

Instead of holding your digital device, leveling it with your other hand and carefully pressing the button as not to upset the shot, this cutting-edge camera allows the user to embrace the artistry of photography once again. The fish-shaped gadget features a sensitive lens at the end and a tapering point where you can grip it between your fingers.

Essentially, you hold and move it as you would a paintbrush. Simply swipe the scene in front of you with the smartCAM by Denis Kalinin, and the image will instantly be registered by an optimized ergonomic fashion.

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