Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unmanned Systems North America 2011: Chinese Company AEE Tech Unveiled F50 Drone

Shenzhen-based Chinese firm AEE Technology Co. unveiled its small drone, F50, at world's largest robotics trade show in Washington hosted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International that features robotic hardware from around the world. 

With the introduction of F50 China has already stepped in the market of drone technology being used for military and security purposes around the globe. F50 drone, relatively small, short-range drone with a high-definition video camera, might be the best tool for monitoring protests, or responding to building fires.

State-run and private Chinese companies have invested a great deal in recent years in developing drones both for export and for China's military and domestic security needs.

AEE became the first company from China to display its products at Unmanned Systems North America. In a small booth on the edge of the showroom floor, Wendy Wei, the firm's overseas sales department manager said the company was looking to drum up international sales—and potential orders from military and police customers.

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