Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dual Cam Dashboard Camera - - For Front and Rare View at the Same Time

This Dual Cam Dash Camera is designed to shoot and store video from both the front of your vehicle and the rear which means you should be totally covered in the event of an accident or road rage incident. As is usual with this sort of product, don’t expect awesome video quality, and I’m not sure I’d be totally comfortable using it to back up, but hey, it’s an interesting thing. $85.99.

 Find it difficult to prove you innocent during the traffic accident? This Dual CAM Car Dashboard Camera will help you a lot in this situation. With two camera lens installed, it will help you capture video both in front or back of the car. At the same time, you just watch the LCD screen while backing your car since the video will be showed.

Source: Etronix Mart

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