Monday, July 4, 2011

Air Condition Bed Mat Soyo - - Perfect Solution if You Got Problems with Your A/C

I’m rather strange, in the fact that I like the fact that it is summer when I’m outside, but I much happier when I’m inside and it is winter. The weather is enjoyable outside in the summer months, but when I’m sleeping, I tend to get very warm. Even when the air conditioning is on, I still find myself too hot under even a single blanket or sheet. That’s why I like the idea of this Air Condition Bed Mat Soyo.

This mat lies on your bed, under you, and does its best to absorb your body heat throughout the night. There is meshing on one side, that absorbs air from the rest of the room, while a fan on the other sucks it through, allowing it to disburse the hot air and keep your body nice and cool. It’s only about half the size of your bed, so it’s efficiently cooling the most important areas. While I would love to have one of these, I’m not quite sure if I could justify the $270 price tag. I suppose it would depend on just how much I’d save from not running my A/C so much.

Source: Japan Trend Shop

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