Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone - - Where Luxury Meets Functionality (Photos and Video)

Functionality of a regular smartphone and luxury element of TAG Heuer are combined in all new TAG Heuer Link Smartphone which is set to invade the markets in July, 2011 and will be available at TAG Heuer retailers with a price tag of whopping $6,730.

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

This is the second luxury smartphone by TAG Heuer, Swiss luxury watchmaker, which is claimed to be ideal for business as well as for entertainment. Like the watchmaking heritage that inspires it, it delivers avant-garde luxury with uncompromising strength, precision and reliability. It shares the pinnacle of high-performance engineering and innovation with its partner, the MERIDIIST.

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

The TAG Heuer LINK seriously upgrades the way the world connects. The phone features a touchscreen and a body that comes in three different styles, alligator, 18k rose gold and titanium.

The video is here below showing TAG Heuer LINK Smartphone:

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