Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The World’s First Replacement Bulb Announced by Philips - - Produces 1100 Lumens of Light Consuming 17-watts

Going green or being energy efficient can sometimes be really difficult because it is often times expensive. In the home, one of the first ideas you will have about being energy efficient is switching over to light bulbs that aren’t the regular old incandescent ones. The main problem with this is that the more efficient CCFL or LED lights have a strange light color, and the bulbs are terribly expensive.

Philips has announced the world’s first replacement bulb for the all to common 75W incandescent light. This LED version produces 1100 lumens of light, and only consumes 17-watts which makes it much more efficient than most other things you could stick in a light socket. This new-fangled bulb has a color temperature of 2700k and a rendering index of 80; which makes this a pretty impressive fixture. On top of that, it can last for 25,000 hours. Which is about 3 years of non-stop light. You will be able to pick these up in Q4 of 2011 for about $40-$45, which is still expensive, but hopefully the better light quality and low power consumption will make up for it.

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