Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Habitco Day Maker Multifunctional Dock - - Funky and Classy at the same Time

Habitco Day Maker Multifunctional Dock
With this magnificently multipurpose iPod dock, you’ll always be ready to wake up!

The Habitco Day Maker dock has the advantage of being highly functional, while also having a clever and amusing design. This handy product is designed to resemble a common kitchen toaster, with its top featuring two slots in which iPods or iPhones can be pushed into. Push your phone down into the device, as you would bread, and they will begin charging.

The Habitco Day Maker also acts as an alarm clock, so you can choose your favorite song on your iPhone to wake up to! When the alarm rings, your phone will pop up like a slice of toast! Need some extra snooze time? Simple push your flaxseed phone back down into the toaster!

Wake up slowly to a great breakfast with the Habitco Day Maker!

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