Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Team of Ophir Tours and Rocketship Tours Brings You More Affordable Space Adventure with COR Aerospace’s Lynx Suborbital Spaceship

To travel in space for fun and entertainment may always be a dream for anyone; but the cost involved in this kind of expedition is the biggest hurdle in turning dream into reality. Currently, the space travel is offered for as much as $200,000 from few tourism companies.

But now a more affordable package is on the cards. Affordable in the sense that it costs less than half of the prevailing cost. One of the well-known tour and travel agency, Ophir Tours has collaborated with space tourism company, Rocketship Tours, to offers passionate adventure seekers a ride in XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx suborbital spaceship for as little as $95,000 per person.

As per the program, the Lynx suborbital spaceship, which is a horizontal take off spaceship will take the passenger on a ride of their lives, by taking them to the very corner of space, show them the wonders of our planet from miles above and bring them back safely to the take-off site. 

The Lynx spaceship will ascend to an estimated 200,000 feet in just 4.25 minutes with a combined speed of an impressive Mach 2. The entire program that carries a price tag of $95,000 will also be inclusive of stays for the passengers in a luxury resort, where the passengers will be showered with luxurious amenities while they prepare for training, medical evaluation and screening. 

The entire trip will be composed of one passenger, one pilot and a training program conducted at the NASA flight center in Arizona. The suborbital flights aboard the Lynx spaceship will take off from Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

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