Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pi Clock: Pure Mathematical Wall Clock - - Certainly Not For You if You're Not Good In Math

If you need a constant reminder of your inability to do math, then you’re going to want to get a hold of the Pi Clock. The Pi Clock is a wall clock that tells time using Pi, the mathematical constant that has been known to infuriate and befuddle math students the world over.

We have featured math-inspired clocks on Trend Hunter before, but none of them were as advanced as the Pi Clock. For example: 11 o’clock has now become 11 Pi divided by 6. Good luck trying to figure that one out without a calculator or a math degree.

The Pi Clock was designed by an as-of-yet unknown Flickr-user going by the name of Laughing Easy. The Pi Clock is getting tons of buzz around the Internet, so I wouldn’t expect Laughing Easy to stay anonymous for long. It won’t be long before every math class has its own Pi Clock.

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