Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mathew Miller AW11 Collection - - Features Some of The Most Intriguing Pieces of Outerwear

The Mathew Miller AW11 collection features some of the most intriguing pieces of outerwear for the season. With such unique designs, this line will leave no outfit looking bland. 

Menswear is being reimagined as the Mathew Miller AW11 garments push contemporary styles towards a more experimental stage. The garments infuse a little avant-garde inspiration, all the while remaining wearable and functional. The colors vary greatly in this collection, from more tame beige fabrics to high-energy vibrant blues and yellows. 

One of the stand-out pieces in the Mathew Miller AW11 collection is a cloak-like garment that immediately reminded me of a Jedi’s outfit from Star Wars. It’s a distinct piece that would definitely add a distinct flair for autumn streetwear.

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