Thursday, February 10, 2011

SteriShoe Shoe Sanitizer: Kills the Bacteria And Fungi Inside Your Shoe With UV Light

Shoes can be smelly. I mean, they’re on your feet for eight or more hours per day, so it’s only natural that they develop an odor. There are already many different ways to combat the smell, but here’s a new one. The SteriShoe Shoe Sanitizer actually blasts the insides of your sneakers with UV light in order to kill the bacteria and fungi that can cause an unpleasant stench.

The device is shaped like the inside of most common footwear, and is inserted into each shoe for a short time. The UV light is then activated and kills anything living on the inside. As a measure of safety, the light will shut off immediately when removed from the shoe, so as not to do any damage to your body. At $130, this certainly isn’t the cheapest way to clean your shoes, but it might just be the most effective.

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