Thursday, February 10, 2011

‘The Heritage Weave Collection’ Pre-Fall 2011 Handbag Collection by Be Inthavong

In the run-up to the fall of 2011, get ready for a new line of handbags touched with a sense of the exotic. Designer Be Inthavong has come up with a brand new line of handbags for his Pre-Fall 2011 collection. The collection is called ‘The Heritage Weave Collection’ and has only been unveiled recently.

Inthavong lives in the United States. However, he is originally from Laos. Invathong moved to the US when he was eight years old and has lived here since.

The idea of The Heritage Weave Collection may have been born when the designer tripped back to the country of his birth in 2009. His immediate motivation was to do work on the traditional family silk looms of Laos. This is a tradition that has been extant for some 500 years. Inthavong wanted to modernise this longstanding textile discipline.

In time, he developed a new technique. Inthavong has worked extensively with leather goods. He brought this expertise to the table and came up with a new method of hand-weaving fine leather strips into a custom-built silk loom. This invention could earn Inthavong a patent in the near future.
In the meanwhile, creations using Inthavongs new technique are there for everyone to see. The weaving has been done in Laos, while the bags have been put together in New York.

The handbags are sleek and elegant in a very classic way. Inthavong’s popular bamboo pattern makes an appearance again. But you will also find metal and jewel tones. The interiors of the bags have a lining of hand-embossed lambskin, while python patterns appear on the trim. Indeed, with one of these bags, you could look at home even on the red carpet.

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