Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ice Hotel in Quebec City, Canada - - The Hottest Concept Hidden in Ice

Canada’s Ice Hotel is the hottest in terms of its concept and its uniqueness. Quebec City holds this “cool” Ice Hotel where visitors have been flocking like birds migrating in winter just to experience something they would have probably never even imagined. The Ice Hotel is based on the concept of an igloo and huge blocks of ice and snow trap the body heat within keeping it a bit warmer than they outside where temperatures can reach minus four F in winter. The Ice Hotel has two bars that serve drinks in ice glasses and it has 39 hotel rooms to serve its guests as well.

Many people have been visiting the Ice Hotel as it has been eleven weeks since its grand opening and they say that it is a delight to be experienced. The Ice Hotel has been inspired from and does reflect the French North American culture and it has been decorated with artistic structures designed by Quebec City’s architecture students.

There is a snow team, an ice team and a bunch of electricians who are on call for the management of the entire structure. Many people also get married in the chapel near the Ice Hotel. Although first time visitors are advised to stay over only for a night this year the Ice Hotel has teamed up with the Quebec City Hotel in offering one night accommodation packages. Prices for a single night’s stay at the Ice Hotel alone begin at around $200 per person.

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