Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nokia Bicycle Charger: Attachable to Your Bicycle to Charge Your Phone

Dynamo is a simple device that can be applied to many things depending on your imagination. Nokia has used this technology for charging its phones. Yes the Nokia Bicycle Charger can be attached to your cycle to charge your phone. This dynamo converts the pedal power to the charge on your phone. The minimum speed required for the dynamo to work is 4mph, while the maximum is 31mph.

The people at Nokia have calculated that a 10 minute bike ride will generate charge for a talktime of upto 28 minutes or 37 hours of standby charge. This unique charger will work as a standard charger (AC-3) at speeds of 12kph or more. This kit contains Nokia Bicycle Charger (DC-14), Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycle (CR-124) and a Bottle Dynamo. The Nokia Phone Holder comes with a cover, which will keep your phone in place and also project it from dust and moisture.

 The holder and the dynamo can be installed in the bicycle with simple wires, nuts and bolts. Needless to say, this device is eco-friendly and saves your electricity bill too. It can be purchased through the Nokia UK online shop for £25, as well as the Nokia online stores of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and a few other countries. It is also available on Mobile Fun and some other online retailers.

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