Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Necklace Theft Case Under Review by Prosecutors

'Mean Girls' star, Lindsay Lohan, was accused of stealing high-end jewellery on Tuesday from Venice Jewelry Store, and police issued a search warrant for her Venice Beach home. After detectives began looking into the case and preparing a search warrant, a Lohan associate, LiLo, took the necklace to the Pacific Division police station, sources said.

Now according to media reports a "surveillance video clearly shows Lindsay Lohan taking the (purportedly stolen) necklace from the store." Their source continued, saying, "Law enforcement believe the video will prove that the actress took the necklace, because it doesn't, at any point, show her paying for the item. It's the strongest evidence authorities have against (her)... If the video didn't exist, she wouldn't be in this precarious situation."

Lohan could face grand theft and second-degree commercial burglary charges if evidence supports that the necklace was stolen, prosecutors said.

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