Thursday, February 24, 2011

Customize Your Timepiece As You Want With DOTKLOK Kit

Clocks are interesting pieces of technology. They have been around in one form or another for centuries, and their primary function has changed very little. However, everything else about them is very different. From the parts used, the extra features to even the way they are read, they are nothing like their much older brethren. Want to play your own part in the evolution of the timepiece? You can, in a small way with this Arduino-based DOTKLOK.

This clock was designed with modding in mind. In fact, it comes in a kit, so that you have to assemble it before the thing will even work. Once you’ve put it together, the Arduino is programmed to not only keep track of time, but lets you play games like Pong, Tetris and Pacman, along with having various unique patterns to display the present time. Being an open-source kit, you can take your programming skills and tell it to do any number of other things that suit your fancy. A kit like this doesn’t come cheap though, it rings in at $150.

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