Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Geneva Auto Show - Special Fiat 500 With a Touch of Gucci Style Set to Be Launched

Fiat 500 was first produced in the 50s and it pioneered a style revolution when it first came on the road. With the fuel prices touching the skies, the small car has once again become focal point to the future plans of all the major automobile manufacturers. Fiat will attend the 2011 Geneva Auto Show with its new and special 500 by Gucci. This special edition city car has been customised by Gucci Creative Director Giannini and Fiat’s Centro Stile.

The car will have a two-tone black with white interior or white exterior with satin chrome and black interior. The special edition car has numerous special features. The car comes with 195/45 R16 wheels, with rear brake calipers in Gucci green. The car will have a stripe almost everywhere. From the exterior it will continue inside on the seats, on the gear shift, on the key cover and even on the carpets. The seats will be two toned in Frau Leather with Guccissima print.

Gucci is celebrating its 90th anniversary year and is taking this opportunity to create a new modern travel statement. Travelling in style has been at the heart of Gucci as Guccio Gucci had originally started off as a producer of leather trunks, suitcases and handbags. The 500 by Gucci will go on sale online on April 1. The prices start at 17,000 Euros, inclusive of all taxes. The car will be on display at major cities like Paris, London and Tokyo. This could be the beginning of another style revolution.

Catch the video here:

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