Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Born This Way": Lady Gaga Out of An Egg in Bizarre Appearance at Grammy Awards

As per expectations of her fans; Lady Gaga stunned the audience at 53rd Annual Grammy Awards as she came out of an egg-shaped womb. She looked like promoting her latest single "Born This Way" which is also the title of her latest album.

Lady Gaga’s appearance, with horn-like humps on the shoulders, caught all the attention beside her relatively unexpected simple performance. 
Lady Gaga and her co-dancers performed a kind of jumpy, aggressive choreography to "Born This Way." She and her dancers were all wearing sheer, loose-fitting yellow tunics with horned shoulders. 

Lady Gaga came back to the stage to collect her Grammy for Best Pop Album and delivered a very serious speech in which she expressed her gratitude to her label heads and managers for continuing to believe in her.

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