Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 77-year-old, Sarah "Paddy" Jones, Amazing Slasa Dancer: Collection of Videos

The video clip below, which is currently being circulated via email, YouTube and social networking websites, shows (as claimed in video) an elderly woman expertly performing a vigorous salsa dance routine. According to a description that often circulates with the video clip, the dancing woman is none other than the famous Ginger Rogers filmed dancing at the age of 92 with her great grandson.

In fact, the woman in the video is not Ginger Rogers nor is the young man her great grandson. In fact, the video shows Englishwoman Sarah "Paddy" Jones, who was 75 years old when the film was shot in 2009. Sarah and her husband, who previously lived at Stourbridge in the UK's West Midlands, moved to Spain after retirement. Sarah, who started dancing when she was only 2 years old, decided to take salsa lessons after her husband died several years ago. Her younger dance partner shown in the video is her dance teacher, Nicholas 'Nicko' Espluos.

In December 2009, salsa dancer Sarah Paddy Jones (UK, born July 1, 1935) and her partner, Nicko, took first prize on the Spanish TV talent show Tu Si Que Vales.

Sarah "Paddy" Jones Salsa-Show with Nico in Munich is Got-Talent-Winner Supertalent-Gewinner 2009 in Spain. Salsa-Show is in Munich 2005 or 2006.

Her latest video available on YouTube

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