Wednesday, January 19, 2011

W3 IGM-7000 Audio Mouse: Released by eGANG - - With a Built-in Speaker and Microphone

eGANG corporation recently released the W3 IGM-7000 Audio Mouse with a built-in speaker and microphone. If you thought your mouse was fancy before, you are now wrong. Our Wiimotes have a speaker in them, so why not a mouse?

This mouse has 1000dpi, 2 channel stereo speaker, which lets you listen to music, and the microphone function will let you do internet calls and enhanced video chatting. None of us want to sit speaking directly into our computers. A mouse with that capability makes life for Skype and other similar program users much more enjoyable. Though I’m not sure how well it would work if you’re actually trying to use the mouse while talking into it. You also have 5 multimedia buttons, 3 basic buttons, a forward/back button, and volume control. If you really need to add a mic and speakers to your computer without buying three different accessories, then this might work out for you.

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