Friday, January 7, 2011

Teti Speaker System: From Italian Audio Brand Book of Music - - Displayed at CES 2011 With a Price Tag of Whopping $9920

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) in Las Vegas has become a platform for a plethora of audio products and cutting-edge audio technologies, that are sure to revolutionize the sound industry for a long time to come. Few of them are inMotion Air from Altec Lansing and the HomeShare speaker system from Sony Corporation. However, both these systems, among other speaker system are wireless speaker systems and are bent more towards the technology side of the market.

Now, one of the most prominent Italian audio brands, Book of Music at CES 2011 has announced the launch on an all new luxury sound system that not only provides excellent sound but has been designed with looks to die for. The all new Teti speaker system is as elegant as technologically advanced and will increase the looks of your living exponentially. Just moments ago, we talked about an all new Fall 2011 line of headphones from WeSC and with the Teti speaker system from Book of Music, the luxury music market has now officially made its mark at the event. Teti has been designed to be carry a ‘no conventional enclosure system’, meaning that, these speakers are not encased as other usually are and these gorgeous red five feet tall tower speakers were designed with utmost care towards aesthetics without any compromise of quality.

Book of Music has incorporated Teti speaker system with ScanSpeak drivers, in an effort to achieve the most optimum phase relationship. Furthermore, this incredible speaker system comes with an 1-inch ring radiator tweeter, a 6.5-inch paper cone woofer and a frequency response from 38Hz to 40kHz. The Teti speaker system is currently on display at CES 2011 and it comes with a mind blowing price of a whopping $9920.

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