Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roger Dubuis King Square Hearts Tourbillon Watch - - Valentine’s Day Special Limited Edition Watch With 28 Pieces Only - -

This is a Valentine’s Day special watch from Roger Dubuis. This is a limited edition release and only 28 pieces will be made. One of the reasons for this small quantity could be that each of this watch will cost a fortune and even if you are able to afford it you might be left with the feeling that you have been short-changed. Roger Dubuis King Square Hearts Tourbillon Watch, never the less is beautiful and is created with great care and perfection.

The case of the watch is made from 18k white gold. It is square and 36mm wide. The case is decorated with diamonds all over. The movement of the watch is similar to the men’s version as it is thoroughly skeletonized with an assortment of heart shaped motifs. The movement has been made in-house by Roger Dubuis. Two of the motifs have pink colored synthetic sapphire crystals to emphasize the shapes.

The watch has a manually wound movement. There is a flange ring around the periphery of the dial with indicators for hour and minutes. The hour indicators are done with rubies. The red satin strap matches very well with the watch. The price has not been indicated as yet but is expected to be in six figures that may make you blush a color matching with the watch.

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