Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classic and Timeless Collection for Men and Women by Pendleton

Pendleton offers a variety of clothes for men and women, as well as a beautiful home and blankets collection. Today we’ll show you some of their pieces, which are mostly classic, timeless clothes.

For women, the casual clothes include navy inspired outfits, with white and dark blue stripes, floral prints, pants and button up shirts. You will also find safari-like pieces, with brown and beige tones, trench coats with two rows of buttons, pretty scarves tied around the neck.
The pencil skirts, straight pants, shirt-jackets are great casual pieces for day wear. There is also a line for the working woman, with more elegant clothes, that are perfect for the office. Navy is a very good choice, as it is less boring than the classic black. You’ll also find deux-pieces and blazers in pastels (baby blue, blush), mostly made of tweed; simple dresses and cardigans, worn with discreet necklaces, make good outfits for the office as well.
The shoes at Pendleton are very colorful, and can make any outfit look more joyful. We especially like their flats (ballerinas or moccasins) and their lace-up rubber boots, all of which can be purchased in a variety of colors.
The recommendation for men is to try the grunge/ranch style, with plaid shirts, denim jackets, ethnic prints and hoodies. These create casual outfits that are great for the weekend and leisure time.

Source: Pendleton

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