Friday, January 14, 2011

Mysterious HTC Device Without Any Capacitive Button - - Producing Waves Yet Again in The World of Rumours Associated With HTC

After running around the HTC EVO Shift 4G for months, a spanking new rumor has been hovering around once again. Phandroid has been recently tipped off about a mysterious HTC device deficient of any capacitive buttons. It seems to be an ongoing trend with HTC’s phones, to be clad in a rush of rumours and the moment one sheds it another grabs immediately. 

One of their readers managed to tease out images of new HTC devices from the freshly updated HTC Sync. These belonged to three handsets; the first being the already released Thunderbolt while the second was of the long-rumored HTC Merge. However, the third one is of an unidentified HTC handset with a Verizon logo imbibed atop.

The fact that it has no visible capacitive buttons has intrigued several in the mobile web world. Going by the smartphone’s form factor, it is quite difficult to identify which device this is. Apparently, the handset displays the HTC Sense Live Wallpaper. There is a possibility that this is just a symbolic representative of the original device. However, there are no means to affirm the credibility of this image.

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