Friday, January 7, 2011

iSonic: An Electronic Cane For Visually Impaired - - Lets Its User Know When it is Two Meters Away From An Obstruction of Any Kind

There are so may times where you see a gadget and think, “Wow, why was this even created?” because a lot of things are kind of pointless. This year at CES, there is finally something that not only has a purpose, but can really help those that need it.

The iSonic is an electronic cane that lets its user know when it is two meters away from an obstruction of any kind. It works 55 degrees vertically and 25 degrees horizontally, and will increase in vibration strength based on how far away an object is. There are obviously two sides to this, as it will help those who are blind with no or little other ability sense-wise, but it may actually slightly impair those who are used to their condition. Also, if for any reason the battery should run out at an inopportune moment, things could go very bad very quickly. But! Generally, this is an awesome idea, and it also has the ability to detect colors when waved over a hue it recognizes. It has the ability to see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black, and can even tell you when it’s dark outside. No word on pricing or availability.

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