Saturday, January 8, 2011

“I have way too much money to know what to do with it.” - - Harry Potter Fame Emma Watson

Harry Potter fame, EMMA Watson, says she doesn’t know what to do with all her money.

The British actress has earned millions playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise, but admits she hasn’t got a clue how she wants to spend it!

“I have way too much money to know what to do with it,” she said.

“I bought a laptop, and a Toyota Prius when I passed my driving test, but that’s the most expensive things I’ve spent my money on outside my education.”

Emma thinks it’s funny when people recognize her on the London Underground.

“The funny thing is people look at me and go, ‘Is that the girl from Harry Potter?’ And then they shake their heads and say: ‘No, it can’t be, she’s on public transport.’ And I’m sat there secretly thinking: ‘Ha Ha that’s funny’,” she said.

Watson recently admitted she prefers being single — because she makes a “rubbish” girlfriend.

“It’s rubbish being my boyfriend. People are constantly coming up to me, I’m always working,” she explained. “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. It feels good, actually. It’s nice to be selfish.
“I’m never going to confirm or deny who I am dating, but if they keep doing it, the tally will get so high — not very Hermione.”

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