Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Groninger Museum: Vibrant and Futuristic With a Modern Approach to Interior Decoration

The Groninger Museum is a thoroughly modern institution with a design aesthetic to match.

With a decidedly modern approach to interior decoration, the Groninger Museum is both vibrant and futuristic, mainly due to a recent renovation that saw several new rooms added to the complex. This piece-by-piece approach has resulted in the Groninger Museum’s various wings being purposefully diverse and varied, in order to create a veritable quilt-work of design styles and themes.

"Since 1994, nearly 4 million people have visited, leaving behind wear and tear. The premises have now been renovated and new spaces by Antwerp-based Studio Job, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon and Maarten Baas have been added. The Info Center by Hayon is one of the coolest areas in the new building."

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