Friday, January 7, 2011

General Motors' OnStar System Launched for Vehicles of Other Brands in CES 2011

Contrary to expectations, General Motors announced at CES 2011 that one of its greatest assets, the OnStar system will be launched for vehicles of other brands.

OnStar is an integrated system for GM vehicles, which includes services for the prevention of accidents, emergencies, safety, satellite navigation, internet connection and social networks and phone calls via the Bluetooth connection.

With it, you can learn about accidents on routes with great agility, tracking the position of the car, navigating connection with ENAV and Google Maps, send messages to Twitter and Facebook and connect with other users who subscribe to the service.

Thanks to the monitoring center, OnStar also allows you to find stolen vehicles or even call the police, firefighters and medical rescue in case of accidents.

Until then an uniqueness about 30 vehicles from General Motors, now you can buy the device (which is integrated into a mirror, which replaces the original car), sign the package of services and use all the features without restrictions.

The device costs $ 299 in the U.S., and subscription is $ 18.95 (monthly) or $ 199 (annual).

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