Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Farfalla (Butterfly) Watches Collection From Italian Company Artya Watches - - Colourful Butterfly Wings Under a Sapphire Crystal to Tell You Time

Lepidopterists are those guys who collect and preserve moths and butterflies under glass for easy observation. Artya watches have taken this hobby and beautifully incorporated it into their watches. Sounds interesting, right! They have taken the wings from butterflies and made it into a colourful collage under a sapphire crystal. No harm was done to these lovely insects as all were already post mortem. This collection is called the Farfalla Collection, Farfalla meaning butterfly in Italian.

Artya developed a special technique to create this butterfly watch. Clients can pick out the palette that they want. The watch obviously doesn’t scream out that its dial is made up of butterfly wings but then it can be a great conversation maker. All of the watches are handmade and are intended for both men and women. These one-of-a-kind watches are placed in equally one-of-a-kind “Coup de foudre” cases. The Farfalla watches have a self winding movement and has been manufactured entirely in Switzerland.

They have a power reserve of 42 hours, a steel case and 2 years guarantee. This watch does not come with an in-your-face kind of glam, but a subtle beauty and oodles of creativity. If you happen to be a Lepidopterist then it would definitely be the watch for you, and if you don’t have this particular hobby then I am sure you would still love to have a watch this unique.

Source: Artya watches

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Watches have taken this hobby and beautifully incorporated it into their watches. Thanks for posting all the helpful information.

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