Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Edox Iceman 1: Limited Edition Watch With a Price-tag of $2,250 - - Functional and Stylish Watch in Recognition of Christian Redl

Edox has brought out a watch called Edox Iceman 1 in recognition of the diver Christian Redl who boats of diving 100 meters under water, and that too ice cold water! Yikes! This feat has led him to get the nickname of Iceman. That explains the Iceman bit of the name of the timepiece. Plus the Iceman 1 bit probably means that there are more in store. This limited edition watch is both functional and stylish.

The casing is in polished black PVD, with the base slightly wider than the top. The repeating arrow style texture on the rotating diver’s style bezel looks great. With its lovely orange accents, it becomes very easy to read the bezel. The watch dial is done in carbon fiber. Quite appropriately, the water resistance is mindblowing with a 1000 metre resistance. The strap has been made with black rubber to match with the case.

It has a Swiss ETA 2895 automatic movement with a subsidiary seconds dial. Such diver watches usually aren’t all too sexy, and this one hasn’t really changed that trend. But I guess Edox wanted the timepiece to look brute, and not too pretty. The Iceman 1 is limited to just 600 pieces and comes with a price-tag of $2,550.

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