Monday, January 10, 2011

“Arizona Sun” Ghost: the World's Exclusive And Unique Rolls Royce Car - - Arrived at at Abu Dhabi Motors

The upper crust of the clients in Abu Dhabi is very particular about their specifications in a product and they expect the manufacturer to adhere to them. Rolle Royce is the luxury car manufacturer who loves indulging such customers. Abu Dhabi Motors who are the dealers of Rolls Royce cars in Abu Dhabi recently announced the arrival of the world's exclusive and unique Rolls Royce car to the region.

The car in question is the “Arizona Sun” Ghost. This is the first Ghost completed in the Arizona Sun exterior color. The hues of the Arizona desert are apparent in the design. The dark tan leather interior contrasts very well with the exterior design and color. It is something that appeals to the clientele in Abu Dhabi and they are already showing great interest in the bespoke Ghost.

Arno Husselmann, the General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors just can’t stop raving about the Ghost. According to him the Ghost is a modern rendition of the timeless elegance of Rolls Royce. It adapts very well to the modern sensibilities without compromising on its core values. And that is what makes the Rolls Royce brand unique and respected around the world.

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