Saturday, December 18, 2010

Samsung CLX-318FX and Samsung CLP325P - - Hassle-free Printing Devices With WiFi Connectivity and Green Touch

Samsung comes up with new idea in the simple line of Printers by introducing pair of new wireless printers, the Samsung CLX-318FX and the Samsung CLP325P.

Both printers, Samsung CLP-325W and Samsung CLX-3185FW, possess speed of 17 pages/minute in a Black and White mode; but it slows down when it comes to colour printing. Both models also offer WiFi connectivity to make your office hassle-free due to no wires around.

One of these two models, Samsung CLX-318FX, will help you to get copy, scan, fax along with smart wireless printing. Designed to save 35% of electricity the both models adds a greener touch. There’s quite a bit difference in the price of both models but suit with the specifications respectively. The simpler CLP-325W is available at $199.99 and the more powerful CLX-318FW will come your way at $399.99.

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