Thursday, December 23, 2010

Octopus: iPhone Battery Charger - - Cool Enough to Keep You Going with Your Gadget

We all love portable chargers. This is a fact we have come to terms with in this fast paced world, as we don’t always have a couple of hours to find an free outlet somewhere that you can plant yourself next to. If you’re on your iPhone a lot and need to charge at some point without being stuck in a coffee shop for a good while, then you’ll want a good charger to keep you on the go. Sadly, the Octopus charger is not the one for the job.

Don’t get me wrong; it serves its purpose rather well. It can completely recharge your phone and has some nifty suction cups things on it, not to mention that is also the coolest color; which is black. BUT it is bulky, you must have a very specific case on your phone, or no case at all so it will stick to the suction cups, and has a looping tail part that things like headphones, and other random “bag stuff” can get stuck in…all the time.

This is definitely a cool product, but in all functionality purposes, it’s probably not the best purchase.  It’s about $30, so if you think it’s cool enough to put in your inventory, it’s not going to make you empty your wallet.

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