Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gravity and Mercury: Two New Designs Launched by Ziiiro - - With No Hands and Marking Its Way Beyond Traditional Watch

Ziiiro, the watch manufacturing company has designed two watches that look like a watch only in its form. Dial is not at all like a traditional watch as it is free of hands or any other traditional markings. The design is a new concept that uses the constantly changing interaction of two rings to indicate the time at a given moment. Ziiiro has named the new designs Gravity and Mercury.

Out of the two rings on the dial of the watch, the inner ring represents the hour, while the outer ring represents the minute through a continuous gradient movement. The strap that comes with the Gravity watch is made from a unique combination of silicon and metal that actually makes it a flexible band. The strap is available in six colors and the watch can be removed and set on different straps to suit your mood or dress.

Mercury also has the same clock face as the gravity, though it does not have the option of interchangeable straps. The watch is available in four color combinations – black metal and magenta, black metal and blue, chrome and magenta and lastly chrome and blue. Mercury comes with a 24mm stainless steel mesh band.

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